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“I am passionate about ensuring the children have a fun and stimulating day at nursery”

Sarah Ashbrook

Deputy Area-Co-ordinator




“I have been a member of Chrysalis Day Nursery since 2006. I first visited Chrysalis Day Nursery as a volunteer as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I left school. I came for lots of visits to nursery and was very welcomed by all the staff.”

I then made the decision to study Health and Social Care NVQ at college, I then went on to study my NVQ L2 and L3 in Childcare Learning Development. Chrysalis was very supportive whilst I was studying and with their help, I was able to pass both NVQ’s. Whilst working at Chrysalis I have worked with different age groups from Pre-School, Butterflies and Cocoons. In my current role I am working in the baby room, I have been in the baby room for 5 years watching the children grow and progress.

Every day is very rewarding and this is why I love my job. One of my main past hobbies was martial arts, I did this for 10 years and I had the opportunity to go around the world competing in Karate and Judo. If it wasn’t for Chrysalis supporting me and allowing me the opportunity to pursue my hobby I wouldn’t have been able to come home with a gold medal from Venice.

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