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Whole Nursery May Day Celebrations Dancing Around the Maypole

May-time is always such a lovely time  within the seasons with lots of new growth sprouting round and about.  The children will be looking at our garden and signs of Spring, making flowers and garlands and the Pre-school children will be dancing around the Maypole to wake up the Spring flowers! We will be celebrating from Tuesday as the nursery is closed on Bank Holiday Monday


Whole Nursery Paediatric First Aid

15 of our staff will be re-taking their Paediatric First Aid certificate over 4 evenings  9th, 10th, 22nd, and 23rd of May, (it only lasts 3 years).  At Chrysalis we want the best for your child and to keep them safe.  The nursery is 100% credited.


Whole Nursery International Nurse's Day!

A special day to pay tribute to our fantastic nurses!  We are hoping to get a nurse to come into nursery to talk to the children about the special job they do.

Lots of role play for the children to take part in playing Dr’s and Nurses and making people better!

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