Cardboard Chaos Day!

 In Whole Nursery

Cardboard Chaos day was a great success and everyone had a great time!

The Caterpillars have enjoyed building with the boxes then knocking them over to rebuild again, ripped up cardboard and made a big collage and using the boxes as tunnels which was great fun!

The Cocoon children been gluing and sticking with the boxes, they made tables from boxes for a café and had a mid-morning snack and dressed as builders and enjoyed box building.

The Butterfly children have loved building with so many boxes and they made a Robot and called him Robert. They had fun hiding in the boxes and playing with their friends and then made the boxes into drumkits and made lots of noise!!

Pre-school children created a fantastic big castle that they used Sellotape to fix together, it unfortunately fell down but all the children worked really well together to build it back together and they then coloured it in.

We have all had the best time!!!

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