Caterpillar Xmas Parties in Full Swing!!

 In Babies

The tiny Caterpillar babies started the week off with the 1st of our Christmas parties!  Mums and Grandma’s came along and joined in with the fun! There was lots of singing and dancing with bubbles and balloons followed by the tinsel bran tub game which was very popular with the babies.  They had to dig and delve in the tinsel to find the chocolate treasure mmmmmmm. Then came the snowball game, shrieks of delight could be heard as the snowballs came tumbling down. To follow on the babies were wrapped in toilet roll to look like little snowmen.  Throughout the morning their favourite songs were sung and Mums and Grandma’s joined in. Then bells could be heard and who should appear but Santa and his little helpers alias Ben, James, Jacob, and Jasmine our Pre-schoolers bearing presents for our babies. What a wonderful morning!



Caterpillars Chris party 2
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