Construction Week!

 In Whole Nursery

We have had the best week for Construction week…….There has been designing, building and constructing going on everywhere!!

The Caterpillars have been exploring different textured blocks, printing with bricks and playing with bricks in the sand. The Cocoon children loved getting involved  a tuff tray activity building with bricks and multisensory items-they had fun playing and exploring which lead into the 3 little pigs story where they retold the story and acted it out with prop’s and built the 3 little pigs houses! The Butterfly children have loved building with all the different bricks and blocks they have and they really enjoyed building with the recycle boxes, wooden blocks, little people and pretending to make rockets and send them to the moon by shouting..5..4..3..2..1..Blast Off!!  Finally the Pre-school children had a fantastic time taking part in construction week , they have all enjoyed creating their fantastic models and creations and exploring with variety of construction items. They have also been very creative with the variety of construction items by printing them onto paper. Pre-school children also created a fantastic puppet show out of a big cardboard box, using the puppets to tell their own stories.

These are just a few of the fun and fantastic activities they have experienced this week!

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