Creative Bugs – you did not let us down!

 In Pre School

A huge thank-you to all our children (and parents) for your fantastic effort in creating the most amazing bugs.  It has been extremely difficult to decide, but here goes:-

Butterflies 1st prize – Mikey F.W, 2nd prize Billy the Spider (we still don’t know who this belongs to we are hoping you parents will know!!, 3rd prize George W

Pre-school 1st prize – Jasmine L, 2nd prize Harlen B, 3rd prize Lois H.

The event has created so much learning! The children have been looking for bugs in the garden using the magnifying glasses, doing symmetry paintings, listening to our vast range of ‘bug’ books.  We have now bought our very own ‘real’ caterpillars which the children will observe changing from Caterpillars to Cocoons to Butterflies.  We will hopefully release them on Graduation Day – fingers crossed!

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