Exploring powder Paint!

 In Pre School

The children in Pre-school explored powder paint and its properties.  They independently mixed the powder paint with the water slowly to observe the changes which occurred when the two came together. Once they felt happy with their mixture they began mixing the colours together to explore colour changes, they observed how certain colours mix together to make additional recognisable  colours… the children found the changes so exciting, particularly as it was down to their own efforts. The children then used their collection of colours to paint directly onto rubber waterproof numbers. The children soon observed that certain colours stuck onto the plastic, however, some didn’t. Through their own independent problem solving skills they soon pulled together as a team and realised that only the thick paint would paint on effectively. They decided they would add more powder to the current mixture, they were so proud with their achievements, effectively thickening the paint through their own thought processes.  The conversation taking place within the group was simply fantastic, the children left the activity feeling very proud of themselves…..and rightly so!

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