Happy Ever After!

 In Whole Nursery

Well what a wonderful weekend for Harry and Meghan as they tied the knot in St George’s Chapel! we wish them every happiness for the future!  The children were all talking about it and on Tuesday we had our very own wedding in nursery  as  Butterflies Fraser and Sophia tied the knot!  The wedding guests arrived in their finery (all the children in the nursery) and Karen and Gemma performed the ceremony.  There was lots of love and kisses exchanged as well as ‘Haribo’  rings.

To celebrate Fraser and Sophia’s love each room chose a different song  to sing to them: Caterpillars sang You Are My Sunshine, Cocoons sang If  You’re Happy and You Know It, Butterflies sang  ‘I Love You’ song, and Pre-school sang Daisy,  Daisy Give Me You Answer Do. Cocoons had even made clay wedding presents for the happy couple ( a teapot, cups and plates). To finish the ceremony Voni did a reading from a book which was all about love and caring for one another. Something we promote at Chrysalis!

The children then all enjoyed afternoon tea in front of the nursery underneath a colourful canopy to keep the sun off them.  John our chef made a fantastic Union Jack cake and with the help of Ronnie put on a wonderful spread for all the children and staff.  Just the perfect day!


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