Secret Spys In Holiday Club!

 In Holiday Club

What an amazing week in Holiday Club!

We were lucky enough to have Oliver’s Mummy , who is a Crime Scene Investigator , come in to show us some of the exciting things that they do!

They created a crime scene and Katherine showed how they look for prints from peoples shoes and explained how even if several people wore the same shoes that because everybody walks differently their footprints would all be different.

They then did finger prints on balloons and blew them up to show the marks of their prints.

The next day we had a chocolate thief in Holiday Club !!!!! The culprit left lots of chocolatey finger prints , so our investigators were able to follow the clues to find the Culprit …..TUT, TUT Claire from Cocoons !…….. Don’t leave chocolate out when Claire is about !!!


The children have really enjoyed this weeks theme and also made up their own play yesterday to show to Pre School.



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