John is Still Our Superstar!

 In Toddlers

We are sad to say that John our nursery chef unfortunately didn’t win the Chef of the Year at the NMT (Nursery Management Today) Awards, but in our eyes he is still SIMPLY THE BEST!!!! John was apprehensive about attending the awards at the Hilton hotel in London not knowing anyone other than his partner Freya who he took with him. However the whole evening was a buzz with different nurseries from all over the country congratulating him  in making the top 5.

John’s  words  It was such an honour to attend the NMT awards on 1st December, to be surrounded by so many exceptional people who really care about the well being and development of children was amazing. Even though I didn’t win I still feel like a winner. To be able to enjoy cooking, developing menus, preparing them from scratch and seeing the children at the nursery enjoying and eating healthily, and working with very supportive colleagues I just couldn’t ask for more.

I am so grateful to Chrysalis for trusting in me to introduce new foods and allow me to really explore and push the boundaries. Thank you to all the parents at Chrysalis and the staff who nominated me it means a lot!”

SIMPLY THE BEST! His menus are amazing!


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