Technical Bake-Off Challenge in Holiday Club

 In Holiday Club

The Holiday club have had a fantastic week baking!  They’ve made cake pops, moulded fondant icing into flowers, baked Victoria sponges, pumpkin pie, but the highlight of the week was when they had the ‘technical bake-off challenge!  There were 3 teams and 3 types of scones: fruit, pain and cheese!  they had to weigh the ingredients, and make the different types of scones, and then off to the kitchen to give to John to bake!  Then in came the judges Voni (Prue) and Julie (Paul).  The children waited with baited breadth to see the reactions of the judges.  There wasn’t a soggy bottom in sight all the scones were delicious and it was ery hard to judge. Overall it was decided that the plain scones were the winners!

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