Pirate and Princess Day in Butterflies

 In Toddlers

Once upon at time there was some treasure hidden!  The Butterfly children had a treasure map and off they went to find the treasure.

The Pirates and Princesses had clues to lead them to the treasure…… they had to find The Fairy Garden!  Where the poppies grow! the Bug Garden!  Where their dinner is cooked! and many more clues.  Along the way they had to walk the plank and be careful not to be eaten by sharks (obstacle course).Eventually all the clues had been found and there was the treasure buried under the tree on the hill!  The Princesses were delighted as there were so many jewels.  We were so excited so we decided to have a Pirate and Princess party! Lots of Pirate and Princess stories were read throughout the day!

Thank you to all the parents – the costumes were amazing and the Ladies costumes were too! What a wonderful time we all had!

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