World Friendship Day!

 In Whole Nursery

Today we have been celebrating World Friendship Day – every day at Chrysalis we re-enforce kind hands and playing fairly and of course everyone has a voice.

Our babies have been painting together to make a community collage they slithered around with their friends in the paint to create a super picture. The older babies made a friendship people train and sang songs together. The Cocoon Toddlers had a rice crispy tea party and made cups of tea for one another, they made a friendship tree and at story time listened to Pip and Rosie and Their New Friends. Our Butterfly toddlers have talked about who they love and listened to stories about caring for one another and having kind hands,  and they made a friendship tree together  The Pre-schoolers have been very busy making friendship bracelets, , painted heart pictures, and talked about who they love and care for. They had a group dancing session and danced along to the music with their closest friends. A super happy day!

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