A visit from Caroline The District Nurse

 In Pre School

To carry on with our celebrations of the NHS , Pre-School had a lovely visit today from Caroline, Mummy to Heidi in Caterpillars , who is a District Nurse.

Caroline came in her uniform and asked the children if they knew what she did and where she worked , the children looked at her name badge and special upside down watch!

She explained that she visited poorly people in their homes to help make them feel better and then showed us her big bag of bandages, Ruby said that she had a poorly leg , so Caroline helped Penelope to clean Ruby’s leg and put a bandage on to make it all better! Then all of the children had a go at putting bandages on each others legs , it looks like we have some budding Doctors and Nurses in our midst!

Thankyou for visiting Caroline, the children thoroughly enjoyed it.



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