A Visit From Dr. Fulton – Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the NHS

 In Pre School

Dr Fulton came in today with a variety of equipment for the children to see and learn about, she brought in a thermometer, a stethoscope so the children could listen to their hearts, a pulsometer to check to see if they had enough oxygen in their blood, and an otoscope which Dr’s use to look in eyes, mouth and ears.  The children were fascinated and had the chance to look right into Denise’s ear.  Dr Fulton then took Denise’s blood pressure and the children watched the gauge move.

Dr Fulton asked the children if she looked like a Dr to which they replied no, because you’re not wearing a white coat. She explained that only Dr’s in hospital wore white coats and she was a GP and could wear anything.  It was a fantastic afternoon – a big thank you to Alex for coming in to talk to the children.

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