Squidgy Jelly!!!!

 In Pre School

Jelly for tea in Pre-school turned into a very FUN child initiated activity. Georgia said to Pat ” When I go to Grandad’s house we share jelly together for tea!” Georgia then asked Pat if they could make it in Pre-school! “Of course was the answer”!

Pat and the children made the jelly – the children pulled the pieces apart and talked about the shape of it and it being solid and when it was dissolved (Pat carefully did this in the kitchen with the children observing from a distance) and last of all about the jelly setting.

Later on in the day when the jelly was set,  Pat read the story The Monster’s Party and at the end of the story one of the Monsters jumps into the jelly. The children found this very amusing which obviously led to the activity of the children taking it in turns to jump in jelly.  What a mess! but so much fun! and lots of language and learning took place – slippy, red, cold, freezing, slimy, set, wobbly!  – all this learning through play!

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