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Babies Caterpillars Colour Week

Our babies will be exploring and learning all about colour this week


Babies Winnie the Pooh's Birthday!

As well as learning all about colours this week the babies will be celebrating the author of the wonderful Winnie the Pooh books by having a special tea party and snuggling in for Winnie the Pooh stories!


Pre School Scottish Dancing in Pre-school

Pre-school are looking forward to doing some Scottish dancing with Benjamin’s Grandma Cath  who is coming in to show them how it’s done!


Pre School Robbie Burns Birthday

The Pre-school children will be celebrating Robbie Burns birthday today by listening to Scottish music, tasting haggis, creating tartan patterns and listening to our lovely Scottish administrator Julie reading a Scottish story!


Pre School Tu B'Shevat

Jewish people in the UK celebrate the beginning of the new year for trees.  This is the season when the earliest blooming trees in the land of Israel emerge from their winter sleep and begin a new fruit cycle.  To commemorate the day the Pre-school children will look at the globe to see where Israel is and the shape of the Jewish cross.  They are going to do bark rubbings and plant a tree in the garden and care for it and watch it grow.


Toddlers Butterflies Dressing Up Day

The Butterfly children and ladies too will be having a fun day today wearing their favourite fancy dress outfit (optional)



Whole Nursery Chinese New Year - The Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year celebrations will be ongoing all week this year, it is The Year of the Dog. Chinese writing will be created, dragons will be made and danced with, exploring in noodles and John will be cooking the children a lovely Chinese meal. The children will be focusing on the colour red which represents happiness, good luck and fortune, plus many more exciting things.  The Pre-school children will be visiting the local Chinese take-away!


Whole Nursery Pancake Day

It’s pancake day again! Yippee we can here the children shout!  Voni will be cooking pancakes for all the babies and children in the nursery to taste with their favourite topping and pancake races will take place as well.  It’s such a yummy day!


Whole Nursery World Book Day Fancy Dress Readathon

To celebrate our love of books we will be taking part in the World Book Day celebrations by having a nursery Readathon.   We will all gather in small groups to enjoy and listen to stories new and old with the addition of props. We would like everyone to take part and  come to nursery in their favourite fancy dress outfit related to a book.


Whole Nursery It's All About Maths

Today is World Maths Day we will be looking at colours,  shapes, creating patterns, singing number rhymes, playing board games the list is endless!


Whole Nursery National Science & Engineering Week

Science & Engineering week is definitely one of our favourites.  All the nursery will be taking part in many science activities and looking at how things work during the week.


Whole Nursery Musical Extravaganza

We are looking forward to a Musical Extravaganza this week, instruments will be played, songs will be sung, and lots of musical sing-a-longs plus much much more!

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