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Pre School Celebrating 70 years of the NHS - Dr Fulton to Visit Pre-school

We are celebrating the wonderful service the NHS has provided  over the last 70 years and over next 2 weeks we will be having various health professionals in to talk to the children.

Monday 2nd July – Dr Alex Fulton will be coming in to talk to the children about the important things she does every day helping people to get better.






Toddlers Welly Week Fun!

The Butterfly and Pre-school children will be taking part in Welly Week. Lots of activities based around ‘wet weather’. It will rain in nursery even if the sun shines.  Please bring in your wellies and wet weather gear for lots of learning through FUN!


Toddlers Welly Week Fun

The Caterpillar babies and Cocoons will be taking part in Welly Week.  Lots of activities based around ‘wet weather’.  It will rain in nursery even if the sun shines.  Please bring in your wellies and wet weather gear for lots of learning through FUN!


Whole Nursery World Friendship Day!

Friendship is such an important part of every day life at Chrysalis, so on World Friendship Day we will be doing lots of activities with our friends: making friendship bracelets, enjoying tea with our friends, painting together with our friends – the list is endless.

We will be talking to our children about the importance of listening to one another and being kind to one another.





Whole Nursery World Wide Web Day

World Wide Web Day is a day to commemorate the creation of the web browser.  We will be using our Hero boards throughout the nursery to play interactive games, visit sites (Chester Zoo etc) listen and watch interactive stories, watch Mr tumble sing and sign – which the babies just love. The list is endless!


Whole Nursery Chrysalis Open Morning

Are you looking for quality child-care?

Please join us at our nursery Open Morning to meet our dedicated team and look around our amazing OUTSTANDING nursery.

We are open from 10.00 am until 1.00 pm

We look forward to meeting you!





Whole Nursery Sports Day - date to be arranged

Sports day to be arranged – weather permitting sometime in August


Whole Nursery World Vegetarian Day!

Today we will be taking part in Vegetarian Day by John preparing a wonderful vegetarian meal for everyone! Special dietary needs will obviously be catered for!

The children will also be talking about the importance of vegetables in their daily lives!






Pre School Rosh Hashanah

Our Pre-schoolers will be celebrating the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah by taking part in lots of apple and honey activities. Ancient Jews believed that apples had healing properties and honey signified hope.

John will also be cooking a traditional Jewish meal!






Whole Nursery International Play-dough Day

Everyone knows that play-dough is fun and popular with young children but it has many benefits and allows children to play and so many learning opportunities happen along the way!  The malleable properties which help develop a child’s imagination, encourages investigation and exploration as well as secretly building strength in tiny hand muscles and tendons. A Fun Day!

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