Caterpillar Babies

These are our youngest children and the emphasis in the baby room will be love, warmth and security in a stimulating area. With a staff ratio 1:3 our baby room is the most intimate and cosiest room. From day one we build good relationships with our parents and carers. Staff are fully trained and knowledgeable and provide stimulating activities at the right level for the children. Your baby will be assigned to his or her own key-worker in order that strong relationships can be built and a special understanding between the member of staff, yourself and baby can be developed. The contentment and happiness of your baby is paramount.

In Caterpillars we provide bright comfortable surroundings for the babies to play, rest and eat. The babies have every opportunity to roll, crawl, sit, climb, balance, reach , grasp, and throw, in this light and spacious room as well as a cuddle with a dedicated member of staff.   All the activities that we do are carefully considered so that they enhance the development of each individual child. The babies have their own special outdoor safe play area which they love and is very popular, this area enhances their physical abilities as well as providing them with many more opportunities to experience the outside world. The babies go on many walks around Gadbrook either to the duck pond or to the canal to see the boats and swans, they are always very excited!

All our meals are made fresh every day by Carol our cook. Carol endeavours to make sure the babies and children eat a well balanced-diet. We cater for all faiths and allergies and menus are available for parents to see. Carol is very experienced and special dietary needs can be catered for and alternatives to the set menu can be offered after discussion with the parents/carers/the Management team and Carol herself. Please look on the Healthy Eating page for more information.

Baby Signing

At Chrysalis we believe that using baby signs with the pre-verbal children within our setting develop early language skills and encouraged communication. All the nursery staff have undertaken training in Tiny Talk.

Tiny Talk provides opportunities for pre-verbal children to express their needs, feelings and wishes. We believe that using baby signs helps babies learn to begin to make sense of the world around them. It is wonderful when a baby communicates with us to let us know what he/she needs.

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